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Honouring the Sacred Journey that is dying and death

Dear one, you have been given a gift. The gift of knowing that you are on your end journey. It is a gift that many do not get to receive.

Some days you are fully ready and accepting of your journey and your fate, and maybe you even whisper “I’ve had enough.” Other days, you hope that it’s all a bad dream and every fibre of your being just wants to scream “I’m not dead yet!”

You’ve got most of your affairs in order, but there’s still some unfinished business that you want, and even need to resolve; some emotional and/or spiritual challenges/issues that you want to address. You might even have some bucket list items to tick off or memory projects that you want to create.  You want someone who can help you plan for the end stage of your journey so that it is truly peaceful and even if need be, advocate for your choices.  There’s either no one to help you with this, or you just don’t resonate with the chaplains/counsellors/advisors that are available to you.  You want a professional who is not overworked and is able to really give you a lot of focus.

You want to talk with someone who only has your highest and best good as their underlying intent. You want to talk to someone who is not judgemental. You want to talk with someone whose approach is based in unconditional love. You want to talk to someone who is not tied to any one particular religious or spiritual belief system.  You want a professional service where it is all about you.


Welcome to Spiritual Palliative Care.