Honouring the Sacred Journey that is Dying and Death

Supporting a loved one on their end journey is a challenging time – you are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually drained; you could be struggling with your own emotions; you feel alone, even when surrounded by others and you don’t know where to turn to get emotional and spiritual support.

You’re a bit unsure what spiritual actually means for you and your loved one; you don’t know what support from a spiritual and emotional aspect may be available; but you want someone to help who is real and will not judge how you want things to be.

You want to feel supported; you want to talk with someone who understands what it’s like to see this precious loved one fade before your eyes; you want a safe space to share all that you are feeling; you want to help your loved one create as peaceful a dying and death experience as possible. And you only get once chance at doing this right.

Welcome to Spiritual Palliative Care.

Spiritual Palliative Care is a specialist, private support service designed to support the dying and their loved ones.

For the person dying, we aim to help you to create a good dying and death experience, as defined by you.  

For the loved ones, we aim to reduce/eliminate grief from what will be your grieving experience by supporting you through the journey of your loved one.

Spiritual Palliative Care services Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and up to Gympie for in person services and globally for remote healing services.

Spiritual Palliative Care also provides specialist training for medical professionals, volunteers, carers and interested people in how to be companions for the dying – or as we like to call them Amici Mortis, which means Friend of the Dying.