Compassionate Care


You want your loved one to know a peaceful dying and death experience.

You want to have treasured memories, not painful, heartbreaking ones.

You are feeling alone and desperately wanting to share what it’s like with someone who has some understanding of what you are going through.

As a spiritual counsellor, I support you by:

  • Giving you practical strategies and suggestions to make things easier
  • Doing energy work to create a peaceful and loving environment
  • Giving you a safe space to vent

I believe it is possible to create a good dying and death experience for your loved one, for you to feel supported and to be able to treasure this time.
Because when we achieve this, your grieving experience later will be just that little bit easier.

We will reduce the chances of you having the experiences of, “I wish we could have done …”, or “I wish I had have said …”.

Through working together, you will feel supported, we can help your loved one experience as good a dying and death experience as possible and we can make the journey just a little bit easier for both of you.

Holding Sacred Space

This probably one of the most valuable tools in this experience.

Holding Sacred Space is connecting with the pure and unconditional love of the Divine and then encasing you and your loved one in this energy.
For your loved one, it creates an environment of peace and unconditional love around them.
For you, it supports you and helps you to navigate the journey.
Because of a beautiful and strong connection with the Divine, and with thanks to modern technology, this work can be done remotely. I can support you wherever you are.

I had a client who on one particular day was extremely agitated and distressed.  This was also transferring over to her nursing staff.  Because of this, she didn’t want to see me for our normal session.  I said to one of her nurses that I would go home and do some remote work to try and help.
I came home and undertook some Focused Energy Support for both my client and her nursing staff.
I saw the same nurse a few days later and she immediately asked me what I had done as within an hour, this lady was peaceful, calm and relaxed.  The staff had not done anything that they could attribute the significant change to and the nursing staff also felt much more peaceful.  
I told her what I had done and she just said, ” Thank you!”

support the dying, compassionate care
support the dying, compassionate care

You gave me all the practical skills and understanding I needed to support and help my darling husband Ken when he was diagnosed with very aggressive cancer last year. We both benefitted so much from the things you taught me. I was also able to support his family members through the process. Through you I gained the confidence to speak up on Ken’s behalf to doctors, family members and medical staff. Ken had the peaceful death he wanted because you enabled and educated me (and Ken through me) to ensure this.

Kathy Mildred

Queensland, Aust

compassionate care, spiritual, palliative, sunshine coast, loved one, dying. death
support the dying, compassionate care, palliative care

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