Meditation is a beautiful, gentle yet powerful way to connect in with ourselves and your Divine Higher Power – whatever that means for you.

Below you will find a selection of meditations, some with audible guidance and others with subliminal affirmations.  They are all set to pieces of music created by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.


Holding Sacred Space Meditation

The act of holding space is one of the most powerful gifts that we can share in the spiritual aspect of this work.

It is the act of connecting with pure and unconditional love and enveloping someone in that energy.

I have created this meditation to allow for you to hold sacred space for a loved one who is dying.  It is a very gentle piece of music, not too ethereal, and it is infused with the pure and unconditional love of the Divine.  There is some guidance at the start and then a few times through the hour long meditation, you will hear me say this mantra:

Divine beings of pure love and light, I call upon you now to surround my loved one with pure unconditional love and peace.  And so it is.

I invite you to hold this mantra in your heart.

This meditation goes for 60 mins.

Chakra Balancing Meditation


I am only focusing on the main 7 chakras with this series – we actually have hundreds of them throughout our bodies.

Each piece of music has been specifically written to activate each of your chakras, starting with the earthy sounds of the base chakra and rising to the heavenly music of the crown chakra.  I have written the affirmations to work on balancing your chakras so you can live your life in peace & contentment.

What an awesome combination.

Please note, the affirmations have been recorded subliminally, meaning that most of the time you won’t actually hear them.  This is designed for you just to focus on the relaxing music & let the affirmations sink straight into your subconscious.

I have listed all of the affirmations at the side of the page.

All of the individual tracks are less than 10 mins long and the total meditation is just over 1 hour.

As a musician by profession I work with sound and frequency daily and because of this, it is natural for me to use music and sound when meditating and working on balancing the energies of my body.  I was extremely impressed and relieved when I was introduced to Sharon’s Chakra Balancing Meditations.  I can’t tell you how many CDs I have purchased to meditate and balance my energies and Sharon’s soundtrack is the first and ONLY collection that has targeted my Chakra points with an almost laser point accuracy in frequency.  It is my staple collection for my daily meditation.



Base Chakra
~All of my physical & material needs are completely met.
~I feel safe & secure
~I have enough income to meet all of my responsibilities
~I am in a career that I love
~I release all my fears & concerns about my material needs, safety & security to my Divine Higher Power

Sacral Chakra
~I effortlessly appreciate the beauty in experiences all around me
~I can fully experience physical pleasures
~I have a healthy relationship with physical pleasures
~I allow myself to enjoy my life
~I release all my fears & concerns about my passions & pleasures to my Divine Higher Power

 Solar Plexus Chakra
~I lovingly create & maintain personal boundaries
~I respect the personal boundaries of others
~I can see what’s really important in situations
~I have healthy self control
~I release all my fears & concerns about my power & control to my Divine Higher Power

 Heart Chakra
~I share love with a generosity of spirit
~I receive love fully & with an open heart
~I embody love, peace, joy & compassion
~I love & accept myself completely as I am
~I release all my fears & concerns about love, both for myself & others to my Divine Higher Power

Throat Chakra
~I embrace my creativity
~I speak my truth
~I enjoy periods of solitude & communion with my Divine Higher Power
~I honour my truth & respect that of others
~I release all my fears & concerns about speaking my truth to my Divine Higher Power

 Third Eye Chakra
~I embrace my spirituality
~I am open to developing my gifts of psychic ability
~I enjoy periods of solitude & communion with my Divine Higher Power
~I trust & utilise the power of my intuition
~I release all my fears & concerns about the meaning of life & my psychic gifts to my Divine Higher Power

Crown Chakra
~I embrace oneness with my Divine Higher Power
~I fully live my life purpose
~I enjoy periods of solitude & communion with my Divine Higher Power
~I trust in the guidance & connection with my Divine Higher Power
~I release all my fears & concerns about living my life purpose to my Divine Higher Power

Source Connect Meditation


One thing I had been seeking was a piece of music that I felt enabled me to easily connect to my Divine Higher Power, that would help find that stillness of mind which we know is so critical to hearing the guidance from our Divine Higher Power.

I had not been able to find something that really resonated with my until I came across this piece by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.  As he describes this piece…

This sublime, spiritual music evolves slowly and gently. Soft, ethereal soundscapes gradually bloom into choral crescendos that border on climactic…before receding into gentle, celestial passages that envelop the mind and open the heart. This is a musical work of great emotional depth – a composition that reaches the heights of elation whilst remaining utterly peaceful.”

I really love this piece of music and to make the journey even more powerful, I have combined the following subliminal affirmations with this uplifting piece of music

~ I trust the guidance I receive from my Divine Higher Power
~ I make time to regularly connect with my Divine Higher Power
~ I connect with my Divine Higher Power by sitting in my heart, through  love
~ I know my Divine Higher Power is always working for my highest good
~ I am freely & lovingly able to connect with my Divine Higher Power

In this 60min meditation, you won’t hear the actual affirmations and they are only through the first half to allow you to receive guidance from your Divine Higher Power in the second half.

Restful Sleep Meditation


I don’t know about you, but sometimes my brain is tooooo busy to let me go off to sleep easily.
So I created this Restful Sleep Meditation to fix that & it worked!!

Together with another beautiful meditative piece of music I have combined some affirmations designed to stop the brain & prepare myself for a sound night’s sleep.

The meditation is 60 mins long and the subliminal affirmations are only through the first half of the meditation.

The affirmations are

~ I have achieved all that I was meant to do today
~ I have contentment and peace of mind
~ My body and mind are ready for a good night’s sleep
~ I have used my talents and skills for good today
~ I look forward to sleeping soundly to refresh my body and mind

The Restful Sleep meditation has helped me so much.  On nights where I struggled to find sleep I would put this on and before I knew it, I would be asleep. Since using this meditation I have slept better, slept more peacefully and had more energy the next day.