Phone Support

Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone, to vent, to share, to release, to talk with someone who has some understanding of what you’re experiencing, but is not emotionally involved in your situation.

You don’t need to spends hours on the phone, just someone to quickly talk to who gets what you are feeling – the stress, the worry, the pain, the hurt and who can help make everything feel a little bit easier.

If this sounds like what you need, I am available to just have a chat on the phone.  During this time, not only will I provide you with a safe space to be, but I will be energetically enveloping you in pure and unconditional love.

You will come off the phone feeling more peaceful, more relaxed, more calm and much less stressed.

These are charged at $88 for 30 mins, $150 for 60 mins, $220 for 90 mins and $280 for 120 mins.  They can be a one off as you need or a regular scheduled call.  The first session is minimum 60 mins.

To proceed, simply click below to purchase and I will in contact with you.  If you are located outside of Australia, we can connect over the web.

phone support

30 Minute

Phone/Web Call


60 Minute

Phone/Web Call


90 Minute

Phone/Web Call


120 Minute

Phone/Web Call