Sharon offered me something that nobody else was offering me.  A non judgemental attitude, an acceptance of where I was at, and permission to let go the way that I wanted.

She was interested in what I felt my body was telling me, and was able to clarify for me, what was going on spiritually and emotionally, so that I could move forward with ease.

Every session that I had with Sharon, enlightened and supported me.  There was a lot more to let go of than I had realised, and a lot more emotional healing to be done.

She’s the “grief whisperer” and I feel privileged to have her with me for this final part of my journey.


Sydney, NSW

You are on your end journey…


So the doctor told you that you are on your end journey – it might have been a shock or it might have confirmed that feeling you had inside of you that you didn’t want to admit out loud.

Now that the initial rawness of the news has mostly softened, or even just a little, you know there’s some things that you need some help with.

That old phrase, “getting your affairs in order” comes to the forefront of your mind. But what does that even mean? Is it just creating or updating your Will? Is it decluttering? Is it ticking things off your bucket list? Is it resolving some of those issues you’ve been putting off?

support the dying, serving the dying, palliative care
support the dying, serving the dying, palliative care, bucket list
support the dying, serving the dying, palliative care, afterlife

The news has brought up a whole host of emotions within you – some days you’re really angry; some days you just feel incredibly sad and other days it’s OK.

And what happens after you go? Is there anything after?
Is there another life or not?
Who can you talk to about this stuff?

You’ve told family and friends and the reactions have been mixed. Some feel like they’ll be a big support and others you don’t feel like you can be honest about how you are feeling because of how much it upsets them. You get it, it’s to be expected. Or you might have loved ones that don’t live close by. Again, you get it, they’ve got lives of their own.

But where do you fit in? Who’s there for you? Who’s going to help you sort through all of this?

To support you on your end journey, to make the most of this precious gift, we offer a number of services :

Compassionate Care

This is all about you and providing counselling and support for you

Advance Care Planning

We can help you work through creating things like your Advance Health Directive/Living Will, Enduring Power of Attorney/Guardianship (or equivalent forms for where you live)

End of Life Plan Form

Together, we will work through creating the plan for how you want your end journey to be from the non-medical perspective – things like experiences, the location and environment, how various people will be involved etc

Dignity Therapy

Dignity is a service that records your words and creates a living memory as you want it to be told. Much more than a biography and eulogy, this is a process of healing and love.

Our service is designed to compliment palliative care, hospice care and any other specialist medical support services you already have in place.

Our focus is purely on the spiritual and the emotional aspects of your journey, because we believe :

Your spiritual and emotional needs are as important as your medical ones.

We call what we do Spiritual Palliative Care.  

We are not aligned with any one particular religion or belief system, so we can be with you where you are at, without pushing any agenda.  This is truly all about you.

One question guides all of our work…


“What will give you peace?”

support the dying, serving the dying, palliative care, compassionate care
support the dying, serving the dying, palliative care, compassionate care
support the dying, serving the dying, palliative care, compassionate care, peace
support the dying, serving the dying, palliative care, compassionate care, peace

If you feel this is what you need, but you still have some questions, why not ask?  

Click on the link below to request a Free 15 minute consultation and we can see if this is what you do need.  

No obligations and no pressure.